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solar panel cable mc4

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At present, the vast majority of solar cable connectors on the market use "U"-shaped metal cores, which are stamped and formed from copper sheets, also known as stamped metal cores; thanks to the stamping process, the "U"-shaped metal cores not only High production efficiency and can be arranged in a chain, which is very suitable for automated wire harness production; some photovoltaic connectors use "O" type metal cores, which are formed by drilling holes at both ends of thin copper rods, also known as machined metal cores ; "O" type metal core can only be crimped individually and is not suitable for automation equipment.

Solar cable connectors are mainly used in components, combiner boxes, inverters and the connection between them, most of which are installed in the factory, and the quality of crimping is relatively reliable; the remaining 10% of the connectors need to be in engineering On-site manual installation mainly refers to the need to install connectors at both ends of the photovoltaic cables connecting each device. According to the experience of many years of customer visits, due to the lack of training of on-site installation workers and the lack of professional crimping tools, irregular crimping is common.

Solar cable connectors

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