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10 precautions for PV module installation

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10 precautions for PV module installation

During the storage, handling and installation of solar photovoltaic cell modules, no collision or damage is allowed, and special attention should be paid to prevent the glass surface of the module and the back sheet material on the back from being directly impacted by hard objects. The solar cell module should be free from deformation, glass damage, scratches and cracks. At the same time, you should pay attention to the installation problems during the installation:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to install solar modules in bad weather conditions;

2. It is strictly forbidden to connect the positive and negative quick plugs of the same solar module connection line;

3. It is strictly forbidden to touch the metal live parts of the solar module string;

4. Only solar modules of the same size(such as same solar pv cables) and specification(such as MC4 connectors) or same manufacturer can be connected in series;

5. It is forbidden to use the solar module back sheet (EVA) after it is damaged;

6. It is strictly forbidden to lift the component by pulling the junction box or connecting wire;

7. When installing the upper battery board, pay attention to the battery board frame scratching the installed battery board during the handling process;

8. The unpacked solar panels at the construction site should be laid flat with the front facing up, with wooden pallets or solar panel packaging at the bottom. It is strictly forbidden to place them upright, obliquely or suspended in the air, and it is strictly forbidden to directly expose the back of the modules to the sun;

9. It is strictly forbidden to step on the solar panel to avoid damage to the components or personal injury; it is strictly forbidden to squeeze or hit, collide or scratch the tempered glass of photovoltaic modules with sharp objects;

10. For components whose open circuit voltage exceeds 50V, and components whose maximum rated voltage of the system exceeds 50V, there should be conspicuous warning signs of electric shock danger near the component connection device.

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