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10awg extension cable with mc4

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10awg extension cable with mc4 Description

MC4 Extension Cable is a solar cable complete with fitted MC4 connectors . Used in photo-voltaic power generation and solar systems to interconnect solar panels and electrical components in the photo-voltaic system.


Cable section usually as 4mm2(12AWG) & 6mm2(10AWG), other sizes can be appointed.


Cable length usually as

  • 0.25meters---10inch;

  • 0.31meters---1ft;

  • 0.91meters---3FT;

  • 1.83meters---6FT;

  • 2.14meters---7FT;

  • 3.05meters---10FT;

  • 4.57meters---15FT;

  • 7.62meters---25FT;

  • 9.14meters---30FT;

  • 15.24meters---50FT;


Cable feature as

l Halogen Free,Flame Retardant,ROHS

l 25 Years of Production Experience In Power Cable

l TUV & UL Approved 

l Double Insulation Suitable for outdoor harsh environments

l Stable connection & Reducing maintenance cost

l suitable for outdoor extreme environments, UV, ozone, hydrolysis resistant


PV1-F & EN 50618 cable technical as

  • l Voltage test on completed cable:6.5kVAC,15kVDC,5min 

  • l Ambient temperature:–40°C up to+90°C 

  • l Max.Temperature at conductor:+120°C 

  • l The expected period of use is 25years(Ambient temperature:–40°C up to+90°C)

  • l The permitted short-circuit-temperature refer to a period of 5s is+200°C 

  • l Bending radius:≥4×φD8mm;≥6×φD≥8mm

  • l Resistance against acid and alkaline solution:EN60811-2-1 

  • l Cold bending test:EN60811-1-4 

  • l Weathering/UV-resistance:HD605/A1 

  • l O-zone resistance at complete cable:EN50396 

  • l Fire test:IEC60332-1Smoke density:IEC61034EN50268-2 

  • l Content of halogen acid gas:IEC670754-1EN50267-2-1



UL4703 cable technical as

  • l Nominal voltage(U):1000 OR 2000VAC 

  • l Test voltage(U0):U=1000V,2000V 

  • l 18~10AWG,U0=6000V,50HZ,1Min 

  • l 8~2AWG,U0=7.5KV,50HZ,1Min 

  • l 1/0~4/0AWG,UO=9.0KV,50HZ,1Min 

  • l Conductor maximum temperature:+120°C 

  • l Ambient temperature:–40°C up to+90°C

  • l Relative permitting:UL854 

  • l Cold bend test:UL854 

  • l Sunlight resistance:UL2556

  • l Fire test:UL1581 VW-1

  • l Heat distortion test:UL1581-560(121±2×1h,2000g,≤50%


MC4 Connector Technical data:

  • l Trademark:  Handwe

  • l Standard:  EN 50521 & UL 6703

  • l Insulation material:  PPO

  • l Rated current:  30A

  • l Rated voltage:  1000V(TUV) 600V(UL)

  • l Test voltage:  8KV(50Hz,1Min)

  • l Contact material:  Copper,Tin plated

  • l Contact resistance:  ≤0.5mΩ

  • l Protection degree:  IP67 & IP68

  • l Safety class: 

  • l Flame class:  UL94-V0

  • l Insertion force:  ≤50N

  • l Withdrawal force:  ≥50N

  • l Ambient temperature range:  -40~+90

  • l Pin dimensions:  φ4.0mm

  • l Suitable cable:  2.5~6.0mm2 AWG14/12/10